Harvesting cashew nut

Every year in the english month of april to june period, the harvesting of cashew nut and fruits are done. Generally both has nutrient, however perishable nature of cashew fruit makes currently this as a feed for cows or at best dumped in earth!

Nutrient in cashew nut

Cashew nut is king of all fruits. to appreciate this you need to compare its longevity. it can lost for 12 months, however the nearest fruit mango has to be harvested and its perishable


Preservation of cashew nut

any moisture near the nut would make it defective or you cant eat it. Preserving the cashew nut with kernel is as easy as keeping it in a sack till 12 months

Ideal way of eating this nuts ?

Ideally an adult need to know how to open this nut, like a tender coconut. You need a hammer or two stone to open it. It has very rich nutrient if its processed as suggested